the world doesn't need more experts to help leaders "iterate" and "fail fast", perpetuating what isn't working today. it needs people to stay with their own minds long enough to find their own clarity and thoughtfully lead toward a different tomorrow.


have you sat with yourself?

curated with silence, listening, questions, and in some special cases, co-writing/creation; there is a room with nothing inside but space for leaders to think.

the sole tenant: a belief in people and their innate genius. 

there is no secret here, the basic framework can be found below. it is simple enough to use alone. though if helpful, know that there is a room


there is nothing to add to you. you are ready, you have the tools, you do not need anyone else to confront the confines of your mind -- decelerate, do not distract, sit, think.


going deep can be challenging without "walls". ask for empty space here or from someone you trust. it is normal to need sounding boards when clarifying. 


echo chambers aren't always the answer. sometimes questions are helpful. no one can give you your insight, but others can support you in becoming clear.


when you are clear, translating clarity into communication can be challenging. we are all ghostwriters and ghost-thinkers -- receive support as you share your truth.

- employee engagement

- HR/people functions

- insurance

- interview preparation

- pharmaceuticals

- prioritization (long/short-term)

- public relations

- resume/cover letter articulation

- team dynamics

- sales

- start-up rollout

- strategic direction

Realms @the room:

- academic research

- academic writing

- artistic branding

- autobiographical writing

- banking/finance

- branding/naming

- career direction

- client relations

- community management

- company communications

- decision making

- design/UX

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